This Paul Watson? Incarcerated. What You Can Do!

Paul Watson has been incarcerated for over four days now on an arrest warrant issued by Costa Rica. The warrant was for a navigation violation in 2002 that was later thrown out. In 2011, however, the warrant was suspiciously reinstated around the same time that the Institute of Cetacean Research filed suit against Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the United States.

It is outrageous to think that Paul could face extradition for essentially a ‘traffic violation’ in which no person sustained injuries (although they claim one of the poachers injured his thumb).Paul personally feels extradition would be a death sentence. Farley Mowat feels the same: “I have a dim view of this conspiracy and, if we allow Germany to extradite him, he will likely disappear; it will be equivalent to nailing him to the cross.”

Two individuals — the German Federal Minister of Justice and the German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs — have the power to recognize this politically motivated agenda for what it is and set Paul Watson free. Please keep the phone calls and e-mails flowing (Click here for details!) because this is the man sitting in a Frankfurt Prison right now…

I’ve been extremely fortunate to call Paul Watson a hero and a friend. During the most recent Antarctic campaign, I wrote  ‘The Paul Watson I Know’ to share just a few of his endearing qualities. Copied below:

He’s Patient and Generous – He buys us shoes.

A few years ago, Dilly and I managed to wrangle up some dresses for Sea Shepherd’s 30th Anniversary gala in Santa Monica, but after living on the ship for so long, we didn’t have appropriate shoes. When Paul found out we were going to wear our flip flops with our dresses (I think his words were “You cannot wear those.”), he took us to the mall and patiently went from shop to shop with us until we found the right shoes. Friends don’t let friends look like dirty hippies at fancy parties ;-).

He’s Compassionate – He rescues the little guys, too.
I was working late out of the office in Friday Harbor one evening when Paul came in. He said, “You know, this is really strange, but I just found a mouse outside. It didn’t really look injured, but it just sat there. So, I picked it up and put in a shoe box (Read: all the comforts of a shoe box home – food, water, nest.).  I hope it’s okay. When he checked on it the next day, the mouse had unfortunately died. I could tell Paul was a little sad. He spends his days fighting for some of the largest creatures on earth, but the little ones have a place in his heart, as well.

He’s Super Tough – and rarely picks on girls… 😉
Paul’s been through the ringer once or twice before — beaten up by angry sealers, thrown in jail, etc. It’s not surprising, then, that there’s nobody on the ship that will wrestle with him; he is superhuman strong. Would you wrestle with this guy?

He DOES Care – and he’s a poet!
When I was injured during my second Antarctic campaign (Whale Wars Season I), Paul would regularly poke his head into my cabin with concern: “Dead yet?” Thankfully, I wasn’t, so he’d come into the cabin to play poker, or even to read me his latest poetry. You’ve gotta love the man!

Please check the Sea Shepherd website for the latest updates and please keep up with those e-mails and phone calls of support.

For our Captain,