Ringo Has a Home!!

Thanks so much to all of you who showed such support in this mission to save Ringo… I am overwhelmed with joy and appreciation! Ringo is happy with her new friends in her new home. She has seen a vet and will be seeing a farrier tomorrow to get fitted with her new shoes. Her condition actually turned out to be heel pain/navicular, and not founder which is very treatable. We will do everything to ensure her the best years of her life! I think the video speaks for itself… and so does Ringo 🙂

Much love,
Shannon Mann



  1. Marie Dean says:

    Hooray! So happy for Ringo. Now we must end horse slaughter and save them all. Ask your member of parliament to support Bill C-322 and end the slaughter of our beloved horses. Thank you!

  2. Jamie says:

    Great job Shannon. So proud of you