Lord of the Fries

On campaign, the crew would often have conversations at sea relating to the question of “What do you miss the most?”. It’s funny how the things you take for granted in real life can turn into full blown cravings when you can’t have them!

Despite being from all over the world, the things we longed for were generally pretty similar while on board. At first the most common answers were just what you’d expect:

  • friend & family
  • my dog
  • my bed
  • dressing like an adult (ok, only Rolf said that)
  • trees
  • soy lattes
  • 8 hour sleep
  • walking around

Towards the end of the campaign, though, food started to pop up more often on that list.

The galley did an exceptional job especially considering the fact that we can only keep fresh food for so long, but there are only so many things you can bring on a boat! Although fresh greens and fruit were nudging their way to the top of my list, I would by lying if I said salad was my first indulgence.

During our first day on land, we gathered up a gang to venture to Melbourne City to go to Lord of the Fries. This little corner shop serves the most delicious vegan fast/unhealthy food. Giacomo conquered a jumbo dog, double “bacon” cheeseburger, fries, onion rings & chicken nuggets, all by himself.

Besides being the food superhero of the day, he also made us laugh about a hundred times.  My favorite comment of the day was, (imagine this in an awesome Italian accent)  “I always wonder how those birds (seagulls) can stay so white… Like, their whole lives. I buy something that is white and three hours later…”

It’s insane how much I’m going to miss these people!



  1. Kate Rowe says:

    You guys did an amazing job this campaign, I was honoured to have the Steve return to my beautiful city and to be involved in the “welcome back to land” celebrations.
    We on-shore crew are very proud of you all!!

    • shannon says:

      Hi Kate!! Thanks for the note of appreciation and thanks for all of your help!! Personally I was so happy to be returning to Williamstown/Melbourne – one of my favorite places to dock! You’re an amazing onshore volunteer, we’re lucky to have you 🙂