Homeward Bound


As you may have already heard, after seventy-some days at sea, the Steve Irwin is officially heading for port in Australia. The reality is that we’ve actually been heading "home" for quite some time, but that has remained our little secret for the past 10 days. We spent this campaign furiously … [Read more...]

Jobs at Sea: Part 3 – The Pilot


Having a helicopter on board is an extremely valuable part of our campaigns in the Southern Ocean. We launch our “eyes in the sky” for a variety of operations, including searching for the whaling fleet, finding passages through ice, taking video footage from above, and acting as support for the … [Read more...]

On a Lighter Note


If someone were to watch Whale Wars, they may mistakenly think that every day is either an adrenaline rush of small boat action, terrifying seas, or crew drama. The reality is that we do have a lot of down time. Occasionally, we even get ‘time off’. Yesterday I had half a day off, and … [Read more...]

Scott Island, Population 0


I inherited my love for life and unrelenting sense of adventure from my father.  This, combined with my empathy for the vulnerable species of the planet takes me away from home and on these journeys to fight for what I believe in. In many ways, then, it is him that I have to thank for this … [Read more...]

The New “Dry Store”

Simeon w_Camera#6333

Before she left, Dilly was my confidant and almost daily Dry Store partner-in-crime. We shared our good days, gloomy days, frustrations, heartaches, and of course, the ship’s daily gossip. It was a safe place for us to unwind, out of sight and earshot of our ‘Big Brother’, Animal Planet … [Read more...]