Campaign Highlights


This last Antarctic campaign with Sea Shepherd -- Operation Divine Wind -- was very full, on every level. We did our best against the sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges posed by the natural elements, our technical restraints, our physical capacities, and, of course, the Japanese whaling … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Chad Halstead – Life, Death, and Continual Rebirth of Small Boats

Action YM vs Delta

Chad has been volunteering for Sea Shepherd for the past three years now. He is the best small boat driver that we have ever had. But, over the years he has also acquired so many skills that he is able to fulfill almost every job on the ship. Saying that, I’m reserving only the helicopter pilot … [Read more...]

A Wise Man Once Told Me

Xavier & shannon

I could not have asked or planned for a better last night in Australia. By sheer coincidence, Xavier Rudd had a show at the Forum in Melbourne on my last night and, like the generous soul he is, Xavier put all of the Sea Shepherd crew on the guest list. Not only is he a huge supporter of Sea … [Read more...]

Lord of the Fries


On campaign, the crew would often have conversations at sea relating to the question of “What do you miss the most?”. It's funny how the things you take for granted in real life can turn into full blown cravings when you can't have them! Despite being from all over the world, the things we … [Read more...]

A Moment of Reflection


When we embark on campaign, we know we are heading to the edge of the world, where the sea can be rough and conditions unforgiving. Simply venturing to such a remote location comes with its inherent risks, but when you’re battling an industrial whaling fleet armed with an extra 28+ million … [Read more...]