Grace Lee Boggs: The Evolution of a Revolutionary


Grace Lee Boggs is an American treasure. She also happens to be an author, a feminist, and a lifelong activist for social change. And, with Boggs, "lifelong" means just that as she turned 98 on June 27. As a young firebrand in the 1940s and 1950s, Boggs worked alongside C.L.R. James and Raya … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Chris Francis, Katrina Rabeler – Three Extraordinary, Everyday People Who Will Make Your Day Better


1. Anthony Tolbert There was always a room available for anyone who needed it in Anthony Tolbert’s childhood home. “As far back as I can remember, there was always someone staying at our house,” he says. That hospitality gave Tolbert a sense of connection to others regardless of class, … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Tamara Wrigley – Help Get Taao to YYC


I was recently in Thailand, doing a spay/neuter project. While I was there, I met a young street dog named Taao. She is only about eight months old, and she is so very sweet. She has a bad leg, which makes it very difficult for her to compete with the other dogs for food. She is pretty submissive, … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Tamara Wrigley – Spaying Strays in Thailand


I recently traveled from Calgary, Canada, to Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. The original purpose of the trip was to visit my brother and his family, but it became so much more than that. One evening, while talking with my brother about our plans, I mentioned that on a previous trip, I had been … [Read more...]

Slaves to Our Stuff: A Creative Vision to Break Away from Consumer Culture’s Destructive Grip


This article was published in partnership with It originally appeared on Need a creative way to fight fears of our planetary demise? A new book by Billy Talen prophetically titled, The End of the World (OR Books), may be just the trick. Talen, also known as … [Read more...]