Rooaad Trip!


Every Antarctic campaign I’ve been on has finished up in Australia. Usually, after each campaign, I stay on the ship until I return home, but this year was different. There are a lot of issues facing our planet these days. The oceans are in peril, more and more species are approaching extinction … [Read more...]

Lord of the Fries


On campaign, the crew would often have conversations at sea relating to the question of “What do you miss the most?”. It's funny how the things you take for granted in real life can turn into full blown cravings when you can't have them! Despite being from all over the world, the things we … [Read more...]

A Moment of Reflection


When we embark on campaign, we know we are heading to the edge of the world, where the sea can be rough and conditions unforgiving. Simply venturing to such a remote location comes with its inherent risks, but when you’re battling an industrial whaling fleet armed with an extra 28+ million … [Read more...]

Homeward Bound


As you may have already heard, after seventy-some days at sea, the Steve Irwin is officially heading for port in Australia. The reality is that we’ve actually been heading "home" for quite some time, but that has remained our little secret for the past 10 days. We spent this campaign furiously … [Read more...]

Jobs at Sea: Part 3 – The Pilot


Having a helicopter on board is an extremely valuable part of our campaigns in the Southern Ocean. We launch our “eyes in the sky” for a variety of operations, including searching for the whaling fleet, finding passages through ice, taking video footage from above, and acting as support for the … [Read more...]