Dolphin Slaughter Under Way in Taiji… Again


There's a little coastal town on the eastern seaboard of Japan called Taiji where smiling dolphin statues and cartoon whale murals greet visitors. Flanked by mountains, speckled with Buddhist temples, and inhabited by fishermen, Taiji seems quaint, homespun. However, a 2009 documentary exposes what … [Read more...]

Campaign Highlights


This last Antarctic campaign with Sea Shepherd -- Operation Divine Wind -- was very full, on every level. We did our best against the sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges posed by the natural elements, our technical restraints, our physical capacities, and, of course, the Japanese whaling … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Chad Halstead – Life, Death, and Continual Rebirth of Small Boats

Action YM vs Delta

Chad has been volunteering for Sea Shepherd for the past three years now. He is the best small boat driver that we have ever had. But, over the years he has also acquired so many skills that he is able to fulfill almost every job on the ship. Saying that, I’m reserving only the helicopter pilot … [Read more...]

Guest Post: SSCS Crew Member Deborah Bassett – Global Support For Captain Watson


Since Sunday May 12, 2012, Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has been under arrest in Frankfurt, Germany, facing extradition to Costa Rica for an incident that occurred over a decade ago when he apprehended an illegal shark finning operation off the coast of … [Read more...]

This Paul Watson? Incarcerated. What You Can Do!

Paul & I on the bridge before campaign

Paul Watson has been incarcerated for over four days now on an arrest warrant issued by Costa Rica. The warrant was for a navigation violation in 2002 that was later thrown out. In 2011, however, the warrant was suspiciously reinstated around the same time that the Institute of Cetacean Research … [Read more...]