Guest Post: John Perkins – Occupy the Dam: Brazil’s Indigenous Uprising


Last month, hundreds of indigenous demonstrators began dismantling a dam in the heart of Brazil’s rainforest to protest the destruction it will bring to lands they have loved and honored for centuries. The Brazilian government is determined to promote construction of the massive, $14 billion Belo … [Read more...]

Urban Agriculture: Revolutionary by Nature


Although we may have a long row yet to hoe on the matter, urban agriculture has really started to take root in just a few short years as quite a few cities have passed legislation that make it a lot easier to grow food in an urban environment. In 2009, Seattle passed a bill that allows curbside … [Read more...]

How to Be an Urban Change Agent


There's a movement -- or two, or many -- under foot. It goes by myriad names and comes in an array colors. The common thread, though, involves citizens stepping up to better their surroundings, to create safer, more livable, and more environmentally sound urban environments. According to the folks … [Read more...]

Pay-What-You-Can Cafés Share the Bounty with Those in Need


If you were to only judge the world by watching the news, you'd think we had collectively lost all of our humanity, our integrity. Never-ending wars, devastating environmental disasters, punishing austerity measures... all of which impact the poorer among us more than the richer. … [Read more...]

William Kamkwamba: He’s Like the Wind


Like most other Malawians, William Kamkwamba and his family were corn farmers who were hit by the devastating 2001 famine. Within five months, many people had starved to death or were well on their way. William's family, which includes six sisters and his parents, was eating only one meal a day in … [Read more...]