Guest Post: Sudha Nandagopal – How Immigration Reform Can Lead Us to a Stronger Environmental Movement


Philip Radford of Greenpeace and Bill McKibben of recently joined the growing crowd of people calling for comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. I see their leadership on this issue as a promising step. As I explained in Grist three years ago, there are many good … [Read more...]

Can One Planet Feed Nine Billion People?


Two weeks ago, experts and scholars from nine countries gathered in Linköping, Sweden, for the second Urban Agriculture Summit. After three days of presentations and discussions, an Urban Agriculture Summit Statement emerged, focused on addressing food security issues in urban areas around the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Alex Kane – Occupy the Israeli Occupation: Palestinians Erect Tent City in Contentious Area


Palestinian activists are occupying the Israeli occupation. A tent city has been erected by a group of Palestinians in the contentious area known as the E1 corridor, a piece of land the Israeli government has long planned to build settlements on to link Jerusalem with the illegal colony of Ma’ale … [Read more...]

Evelyn Cheatham: From the Farm to the Table


Evelyn Cheatham is a chef in Sonoma County, in northern California. She used to have a fairly well-known, certainly well-loved, restaurant called Tweet's. When she closed Tweet's some years ago, she went to live and work as the head chef in a meditation ashram in the Catskills. She headed back to … [Read more...]

Kathlyn Horan and Kim Bogucki: What If?


Co-founded by filmmaker Kathlyn Horan, The If Project is an exploration, a journey, a healing, and a movement that began with one woman asking another one simple question: If there was something someone could have said or done that would have changed the path that lead you here, what would it have … [Read more...]