Guest Post: Sudha Nandagopal – How Immigration Reform Can Lead Us to a Stronger Environmental Movement


Philip Radford of Greenpeace and Bill McKibben of recently joined the growing crowd of people calling for comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. I see their leadership on this issue as a promising step. As I explained in Grist three years ago, there are many good … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Hannah Quinn – Update on the Shark Fin Ban in Canada


Hey, it's me again with an update about what is happening in Canada with the shark fin ban issue. Locally, the task force set up by Calgary City Council is working on coming to an agreement as to whether there should be a ban on the possession, distribution, sale, and consumption of shark fins in … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Steven Hsieh – Gag the Whistleblower: 6 States That Might Criminalize Taping Animal Cruelty


Farm lobbyists and supporting lawmakers want to close the shutters on video cameras exposing animal cruelty across the country. If they have their way, animal rights groups say they will lose an important tool for holding animal abusers accountable. Examples of factory farm exposés leading to … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Danielle Nierenberg – Reducing Water Use in the United States


The United States is one of the world’s biggest users of water—many Americans use as much water as approximately 900 Kenyans. As a result, water resources in the U.S. are shrinking. In the last five years, there have been water shortages in almost every part of the country, including the worst … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Sierra Club – Los Angeles Goes Coal-Free

Los Angeles Skyline

On a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, with the Los Angeles skyline in the background, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa declared the era of coal over in Los Angeles. L.A. is now the largest city in the nation to get off of coal and sets a new bar for what is possible in our nation's transition from coal … [Read more...]