Baby Sea Lion Rescued through Patience and Prayer


If I hadn't woken up with a crick in my neck, I would have been on a bike ride yesterday. But I did, so I wasn't. Instead, I was walking on the beach when a baby sea lion stranded himself just north of Surfer's Point in Ventura, California. I had written about the massive stranding incidents that … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Steven Hsieh – Gag the Whistleblower: 6 States That Might Criminalize Taping Animal Cruelty


Farm lobbyists and supporting lawmakers want to close the shutters on video cameras exposing animal cruelty across the country. If they have their way, animal rights groups say they will lose an important tool for holding animal abusers accountable. Examples of factory farm exposés leading to … [Read more...]

Marineland Whistleblowers Gain — and Need! — Support


Two former trainers turned whistleblowers from Toronto's Marineland have come under fire, but not without support. Last summer, Christine Santos and Phil Demers approached the Toronto Star with concerns about a solitary orca named Kiska and a walrus dubbed Smooshi. The trainers cited poor water … [Read more...]

Baby Sea Lion Stranding Emergency in Southern California

Elf- Juneau- Nova Release 3.10.13

Though no one yet knows the cause, a rash of sea lion pups have been stranding in Southern California in recent weeks. Rescue centers across the Southland -- in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles -- are operating over capacity to help these young pinnipeds. Under normal conditions, sea lions … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Hannah Quinn – Help Make Calgary Shark Fin Free


My name is Hannah, and I am a grade 10 student in Calgary, Alberta. As far back as I can remember, I have always loved and admired animals and nature. I first learned about shark finning when I happened to come across the movie Sharkwater three years ago. It just seemed so wrong, and I couldn't … [Read more...]