Campaign Highlights

This last Antarctic campaign with Sea Shepherd — Operation Divine Wind — was very full, on every level. We did our best against the sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges posed by the natural elements, our technical restraints, our physical capacities, and, of course, the Japanese whaling fleet who were supported by nearly $30 million that was diverted from the tsunami relief fund.

Here are some of the highlights:

Life, Death, and Continual Rebirth of Small Boats – by Chad Halstead
I have been a part of the deck department and driven the Delta boat on board both the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker over the past three years. It is my main responsibility to maintain and keep all three of the Steve Irwin’s small boats in top condition and always ready for action. Due to old age, excessive wear, and harsh working conditions, this can be pretty difficult.

Scott Island, Population 0
I inherited my love for life and unrelenting sense of adventure from my father. This, combined with my empathy for the vulnerable species of the planet takes me away from home and on these journeys to fight for what I believe in. In many ways, then, it is him that I have to thank for this adventure.

The New “Dry Store”
Before she left, Dilly was my confidant and almost daily Dry Store partner-in-crime. We shared our good days, gloomy days, frustrations, heartaches, and of course, the ship’s daily gossip. It was a safe place for us to unwind, out of sight and earshot of our ‘Big Brother’, Animal Planet.

A Whole Lotta Love
The Sea Shepherd crew are a diverse bunch. We represent many nationalities, age groups, backgrounds, personalities, and talents. All of this diversity has been contained within a very small space for over two months now, but to be honest, I think we’re managing quite well! Perhaps it’s our collective passion for the ocean and the determination to make a difference that bring us together.

Unleash the Wolf Pack!
After many frustrating days of being aggressively followed by a harpoon vessel, the conditions were right, the seas were calm, and the small boat teams were ready for action!

The Paul Watson I Know
W5, a well known Canadian current affairs program, has done a two-part special on Paul.  Because I’m on the ship, I haven’t been able to watch it. I only hope they depict him as the man I’ve come to respect and adore.

180 Degrees to Sylvester Stallone
The one thing you learn to appreciate while on a Sea Shepherd vessel is that you can’t predict anything. What was meant to be an excruciating day of icebergs and rough weather turned into calm seas and a Sylvester Stallone party. Yep, you read that right.

The Wake Up List
Some of the crew have been down to the Antarctic before, but for others, it’s their first time. Regardless, everyone has their own excitement threshold. This is my fifth campaign, and I still treasure the perfect beauty of the Antarctic. I want people to wake me up for extraordinary events like pods of whales & the southern lights, no matter what time it is, but some people aren’t as easy to please…