Call to Action: Hold CFIA Accountable to Their Own Regulations

Recently, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition launched a campaign regarding Canadian horses being live exported to Japan for meat out of Calgary International Airport. Supporters were urged to call and e-mail a CFIA Regional Director in the Calgary area. The horse shipment story was covered this week by CFCN Saskatoon news after the CHDC released an undercover video that was sent to them by an outside source.

Unfortunately, we have received several reports that the CFIA is not returning phone calls and is sending out a generic auto response e-mail in regard to recent concerns brought forth over horses being shipped to Japan. Questions are not being answered; the CFIA is, yet again, not taking accountability for their actions. While we are not surprised by this lack of communication and poor judgement, we need to show them that we won’t go away and we aren’t going to stop pursuing this until we see an end to it.

Going forward, please direct your concerns to CFIA officials in Ottawa. E-mail Nicole Cormier (, who works in Humane Transport, and George Da Pont (, President.

Demand an answer. Demand to know why, for approximately the past 15+ years, the CFIA has not been enforcing their own regulations. Demand to know how many horses have died because of their negligence. Demand to know what changes will be made to ensure that no more horses die, overcrowded in transport crates so small they cannot even stand up. Demand to know why the countries to which these horses are being shipped don’t have to report what condition the horses arrive in.

This is your government. You have the right to ask these questions and get a straightforward answer.




  1. Wayne Chorney says:

    This whole thing is just SICK, whats wrong with us as a nation, to let this happen to OUR
    animals, does no one care at all ???????
    Where do these people come from to let this go on ???

  2. ann fox says:

    With more & more stories like this coming to light, it is getting harder & harder to trust anybody connected with our Canadian Government. Seems no one is doing their job & are being backed by our politicians for doing so. What is the point of having rules in no one respects them? Canada gets more & more third world everyday…yes we are just like Mexico now…congrats to all who worked so hard to achieve this status!

    • Shannon Mann says:

      I totally agree. They obviously put these minimal regulations into place for a reason. And then, they refuse to enforce them. The least the CFIA could do is their job.

  3. Laureen says:

    We do not enjoy being cramped in an airplane for even 2 hours! How can we do that to our horses. This is so disgusting and inhumane! Now Ontario is dumping their race horses due to the closure of its race track. They cannot euthanize them like the kind and generous human beings they are. They need to make a last effort to make money off of these horses. Scum! I hope you lose your shirts over the closure of the race track. You do not deserve to make any more money off the back of horses whatsoever!

  4. SAM says:

    Very well said, (Jeff .B.). I wonder why CANADA, has kept these dirty secrets under the carpet, but glad the public is acknowledging it now. Its NOT over, till its over…… t/y

  5. Marie says:

    This is so inhumain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jeff Beck says:

    I find the fact that you don’t follow your own guidelines Disgustind and demand you start following them, We Canadians pay your wages,I as a taxpayer demand to know why the countries that these horses are being sent to don’t have to report on the condition they arrive in. I would an answer to this email