100% Guarantee


Steel leg hold traps are legal in every province of Canada. That, in itself, is shocking to me. These traps are indiscriminate; their powerful cold metal jaws snap shut on anything that sets off the trigger. A deer, a wolf, a fox, a bear… anything that travels through the forest can become a … [Read more...]

Happy & Content


Everyone has their ‘thing’ that makes them ridiculously happy. For a few of my friends and for me, it’s rescue. As we drove with a car full of chickens, Tommy Knowles and I talked about how there is no better feeling than alleviating suffering and saving the life of another creature. Organized … [Read more...]

In Lieu of Flowers


Our father passed away a couple of years ago. My sister and I decided that, in lieu of flowers, we would prefer people to send money to a charity that saves animal lives. Besides, flowers are beautiful, but they too pass… and there are so many animals suffering that need a second chance. So, we … [Read more...]

Opportunity Everywhere: Alina Rees, the Eco-Stylist


Having lunch with my friend Alina Rees from Saskatoon inspired me to write this post. She is the perfect example of how we can incorporate ‘the planet’ into almost every aspect of our lives. She runs her own salon, does what she loves, but has also put some thought and attention into what she … [Read more...]

The Canadian Seal Hunt


For years, the Canadian seal hunt has been a controversial issue among environmental and animal welfare groups. The focus of this controversy stems from the fact that baby harp seals are clubbed to death -- some even skinned alive -- for their pelts. I would challenge anyone who feels that this is a … [Read more...]