Call to Action: Hold CFIA Accountable to Their Own Regulations

YYC horses

Recently, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition launched a campaign regarding Canadian horses being live exported to Japan for meat out of Calgary International Airport. Supporters were urged to call and e-mail a CFIA Regional Director in the Calgary area. The horse shipment story was covered this … [Read more...]

Ringo Has a Home!!


Thanks so much to all of you who showed such support in this mission to save Ringo... I am overwhelmed with joy and appreciation! Ringo is happy with her new friends in her new home. She has seen a vet and will be seeing a farrier tomorrow to get fitted with her new shoes. Her condition actually … [Read more...]

A Horse Called Ringo


Watch the video below to see why she's stolen my heart... She will be sold on Saturday, September 15. It was the most stunning sunset... something so amazing that we decided to actually pull off the road to take pictures. I'm so thankful we did. I had wandered into the corner of a lot, not even … [Read more...]

Campaign Highlights


This last Antarctic campaign with Sea Shepherd -- Operation Divine Wind -- was very full, on every level. We did our best against the sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges posed by the natural elements, our technical restraints, our physical capacities, and, of course, the Japanese whaling … [Read more...]

This Paul Watson? Incarcerated. What You Can Do!

Paul & I on the bridge before campaign

Paul Watson has been incarcerated for over four days now on an arrest warrant issued by Costa Rica. The warrant was for a navigation violation in 2002 that was later thrown out. In 2011, however, the warrant was¬†suspiciously reinstated around the same time that the Institute of Cetacean Research … [Read more...]