Guest Post: Robert Jensen – Get Apocalyptic: Why Radical Is the New Normal


In December 2008, Tim DeChristopher attended a protest at a federal auction of drilling rights to Utah wilderness lands. He found a better way to disrupt the auction when he picked up a paddle and began bidding on the leases as “Bidder 70.” He won $1.8 million worth of parcels and inflated the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Stephen Gerard – Liberty Lands Public Garden Project In Philadelphia


For outsiders, it may seem like Philadelphia is just a city for spectacular sights, savory smells, and an exciting sports scene. Though the residents of the City of Brotherly Love have a certain fondness for the aforementioned urban characteristics, there is far more to this city than meets the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Robb Mead – New Tactics of the Seal Haters in La Jolla


The seal haters in La Jolla, California, have started new tactics to drive the seals off the beach without being cited. On May 14, Mayor Bob Filner directed the police, lifeguards, and ranger to start issuing citations to people who harass or disturb the seals for any reason. Ever since then, the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Mark Engler, Paul Engler: Web Activism’s Big Wins—and What to Do Next


Could Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck have been thrown off the air without the Internet? It is a critical question for anyone who wants to know whether the Web will stoke or dampen campaigns of nonviolent activism in the 21st century. Glenn Beck was dumped by Fox News in the summer of 2011, two years … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Eric Michael Johnson – Survival of the … Nicest? Check Out the Other Theory of Evolution


A century ago, industrialists like Andrew Carnegie believed that Darwin’s theories justified an economy of vicious competition and inequality. They left us with an ideological legacy that says the corporate economy, in which wealth concentrates in the hands of a few, produces the best for … [Read more...]