#2 Our Solution

You don’t have to sail to the other side of the world to make a difference. Backyard Activist exists to connect people with “active-ism” projects in their own backyards, and to provide a platform for launching new initiatives that others can join.

Our goal is to be a hub of connectivity for doing good. From small initiatives to large projects to voting with your dollar, each and every person has the potential to contribute to a healthier planet!!

The Backyard Activist Aim!


  • Look in ‘My Backyard’ for all of the grassroots organizations, volunteer opportunities, lectures, and workshops.
  • Contribute needed items to grassroots organizations in your area, volunteer your time, or start your own project!
  • Make a change by voting with your dollars and shop at the best businesses in your area!
  • Connect with like-minded individuals.
Grassroots Organizations
  • Put yourself on the map!!
  • Post your events or even create an ‘appeal’ for volunteers, wanted items, or needed services. Someone down the street may have just what you need!
  • Connect with those who are looking to make a difference in your area.
Good Business
  • Become part of the community!!
  • Appear on the map and gain the support of our active-ists.
  • We want to help local, green, ethical business. Let us know who and where you are! Contact us

Together, we can create a healthier planet by building community and making it easy for everyone to get involved 🙂