A Wise Man Once Told Me

I could not have asked or planned for a better last night in Australia. By sheer coincidence, Xavier Rudd had a show at the Forum in Melbourne on my last night and, like the generous soul he is, Xavier put all of the Sea Shepherd crew on the guest list. Not only is he a huge supporter of Sea Shepherd, he is the wise man that I was speaking of in my last post.

I was fortunate to spend a few days with Xavier in California last year. He exudes this magical energy that rubs off on everyone who meets him, and he brims passion, just like his music. In those few days, I learned so much from Xavier and his friends, but it was his little piece of advice that I remember the most:

“Be sure to take time to appreciate the beauty of what we have left.”

In some ways, his advice felt like permission to — every once in awhile — sit quietly while we were on campaign and just get lost in the enchantment of our natural world. It can be easy to forget how incredible the world really is — especially when you become aware of all the crises we face — but life is too short to spend it in constant sadness. Remember to embrace those quiet, magical moments that cross your path!

I’ve taken Xavier’s advice to heart.

Sometimes, when you’re immersed in the seemingly never-ending list of issues our world faces, you can begin to lose sight of what you’re fighting for.

Remembering his words refuels my energy and solidifies my dedication to the planet, and makes me grateful for every moment I am able to live and breathe. Thanks, Xavier!!

Perhaps the most powerful song I’ve heard live: