A Moment of Reflection

When we embark on campaign, we know we are heading to the edge of the world, where the sea can be rough and conditions unforgiving.

Simply venturing to such a remote location comes with its inherent risks, but when you’re battling an industrial whaling fleet armed with an extra 28+ million dollars allocated to specifically shutting you down, everyone needs to be ready for the unexpected. What we lacked in funding, though, we made up for in heart.

We all volunteer our time to fight a common battle, and have to rely on each other to get through the campaign. No team is more important than the other because out there, every role is an essential one. The campaign’s unique factors of interdependence, passion, and risk create an uncommonly special bond amongst the crew, who become like family in a very short amount of time.

We had the most amazing individuals on board this year; full of passion, talent, and dedication. Being part of a crew I so respect made returning to port a day that was flooded with mixed emotions. The joy, relief, and celebration that comes with a successful campaign (as you’ve likely heard, the whalers reached less than 30% of their quota) is bittersweet in a way, because it means that my time with my crew mates – people I’ve truly come to adore – is nearing an end.

Heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone on board the Steve Irwin for making this campaign so memorable. Much love to you all – I’ll miss you terribly!!



  1. Tanya Durrant says:

    Had the pleasure of meeting a couple of these crew members here in Portsmouth, UK when the Steve Irwin was docked in Southampton. Truly amazing folk who left everybody in this town talking about how much respect we all have for you guys. Well done on the campaign and much love to you all for your future plans, whatever you may end up doing. For the oceans xxx

  2. Jamie says:

    If you guys have to go down there again next year Will you be going?

    • shannon says:

      Hi Jamie, let’s just hope that we don’t have to head down south again!! But, if we do, and if I’m needed, I’m sure I’ll go again. I do love ship life 🙂

  3. Natalia says:

    Wow! Tough to believe that the campaign is already over! It sounds like the crew has a tight bond. Anyway fantastic job!!!

    • shannon says:

      At time, it felt like the campaign was going to last forever… it’s the longest the Steve Irwin has been at sea! It was a really amazing group of individuals, it’s hard to even express the gratitude and adoration I have for them!