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10 Viral YouTube Videos for Social Change

Many a video campaign has relied on a celebrity narrating a heartfelt story over footage of a heartbreaking scene. (Think Sally Struthers asking you to sponsor a child in Africa.) But … [Read More...]


Grace Lee Boggs: The Evolution of a Revolutionary

Grace Lee Boggs is an American treasure. She also happens to be an author, a feminist, and a lifelong activist for social change. And, with Boggs, "lifelong" means just that as she turned 98 on June … [Read More...]


For the 99%: The Occupy Movement Documented

As we come up on the two-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street', a number of documentaries serve to reconnect us to the energy and passion that sparked the movement. From the encampments to the … [Read More...]


Guest Post: Chris Francis, Katrina Rabeler – Three Extraordinary, Everyday People Who Will Make Your Day Better

1. Anthony Tolbert There was always a room available for anyone who needed it in Anthony Tolbert’s childhood home. “As far back as I can remember, there was always someone staying at our … [Read More...]


Guest Post: Tamara Wrigley – Taao Has Arrived Safely in Calgary from Thailand!

Taao started her journey on July 23, when my brother Jeremy and sister-in-law Buay took her to the airport. She flew from Nakhon Si Thammarat to Bangkok. There, she spent a day and a half with Pat, a … [Read More...]


#OccupyGEZI: A Solidarity Movement Emerges in Turkey

In response to what they felt was government overreach, Turkish citizens came together and stood firm in Istanbul's Gezi Square to protest. Filmmaker Deniz Tarsus captured it. … [Read More...]


Guest Post – Madeline Ostrander: Why the Music of Protest Is Still Worth Defending

It’s become fashionable to say that political music is either dead or irrelevant. “Because of the ’60s, part and parcel of being a ‘serious music fan’ is lamenting that music isn’t … [Read More...]


Center for a New American Dream’s Guide to Going Local

Many people believe that change only happens at the grassroots, local level. It's a sort of trickle-up notion and it definitely has merit. City councils, local businesses, community action networks, … [Read More...]